Lovebridge Policy Update Contacts
Lovebridge adopts a multidimensional approach by intervening on the six fundamental interconnected pillars which are:

Education, Employment, Food & Nutrition, Housing, Health, and MASCO (Motivation, Attitude, Skills & know-how, Courage the psychosocial pillar).

The field team, in collaboration with the beneficiaries, devise strategies and action plans for the targets set on the short, medium, and long term. Every strategy and action plan is tailored specifically to each beneficiary family, as the interventions depend on their individual profiles, identified needs, and issues.

The field interventions consist of:
  • Individual intervention by social workers:
    Evaluation of family profile, needs assessment, active listening, support in administrative procedures, family coaching, referral system
  • Individual intervention by psychologists:
    Mental health assessment, identification of mental issues, psychological therapies, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural approach
  • Group interventions targeting children and parents:
    The group sessions enable sharing among the beneficiaries and information sessions are also offered on themes which are pertinent to the different age groups
  • Direct in-kind support:
    Direct in-kind support is provided to respond to the emergency needs of the beneficiary families and help them in their empowerment projects. The types and extent of in-kind support is based on the assessment of each family
Areas of intervention


Adopt a positive ‘can do’ attitude


Physical and mental well-being


Educational continuum between school and home


Decent living conditions


Securing stable revenue


Food security